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Service & Guaranty

Delivery Services

Delivery to the address throughout Tbilisi and free to take place on any floor.
Out-of-town transportation cost negotiable.


    Regulations and conditions of the guaranty

The guaranty shall apply to:
  • Door wings, frames, trims construction and their surface covers as well as component fittings (handles, mechanisms, hinges...);  
  • Term of the guaranty is 12 months;
  • Term of the guaranty shall be counted since date of delivery (date of delivery is considered day when a consignment note is issued.
  1. A plant/manufacturer shall be liable for the door set proper operation provided conditions of installation and operation are complied with properly.
2.       The guaranty shall not apply to the door set/is annulled in the following cases:
  • If traces of any impact are noticed on the door set;
  • Unauthorized repair attempt;
  • if unauthorized alterations  of the product construction are noticed;  
  • if the products in not applied for the intended use;
  • The door set operation requirements are violated;
  • Various substances and liquids get on the product surface, which causes damage of the surface; 
  • If damage is caused by a force of nature, water or everyday operation factors;
  • In the case of low qualified installation;
  • In the case of incorrect transportation;
  • In the case of incorrect storage, operation and maintenance.
Operation Rules
  1. Length of the door set operation depends not only on quality of its materials, but also on correct maintenance when it is operated. 
  2. The door sets produced by us constitute the products, which are durable to normal humidity.  To ensure long-term operation of our door sets necessary temperature in the area should fluctuate from +15o C up to 30o C, while air humidity should be from 30% up to 60%.   
  3. If a door set is installed in a bath room the area shall be aerated or ventilated.
  4. Daily  ultraviolet rays impact during operation may cause change of the door set color.
  5. Please do not damage the door set with rough mechanical impact whereas it may cause damage of the door surface and change of that.   
  6. Prevent the door surface contact with objects, which temperature exceeds 35o C whereas it may cause deformation of the surface  and the door set surface damage and/or detachment.  
  7. Prevent the door set operation when distance between the door and a heater or our heat source is less than one meter.   
  8. If contaminated the door set may be cleaned with a special detergent, which intended use is cleaning of such surfaces as well as it may be cleaned with our chemical detergent, which is intended for furniture care.  When the door set is contaminated very quick cleaning is recommended to avoid spots dissemination.
  9. Water getting on the door set is prohibited whereas it may cause increase of humidity and deformation.  
  10.  Aggressive substances, solvents and stain removers usage for the door set cleaning is prohibited.    
  11. The substances such as alcohol, petrol, acetone, acid and similar ones getting on the door set surface is prohibited.   
On products and services – 1 year
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